Hi Folks! We are starting a new blog post series. Remember my favorite things?  Well, now we are doing a series of Six Picks.  My top travel destination, personal care item, food, summer reading, Nest Studio Piece and mom hack!  Stay tuned for everyone else from the Nest Team’s top six picks as well.  Here we go! 

1) Travel destination: Portugal. My husband and I went here for our tenth anniversary five years ago (ack! that means we have been married now for 15 years!). It was such a fun trip. I would love to bring the kids back and rent a beachside villa on the Algarve, Portugal’s beautiful southern coast.

2) Personal Care Item: Eva Botanicals Serums. My skin care routine is pretty simple and I keep it that way, mainly because I am exceptionally lazy, especially before bedtime. I use their Retinol Serum at night along with Clinique’s Jelly Moisturizer and their Vitamin C Serum in the morning along with a SPF moisturizer. When I actually remember to do both on a regular basis, my skin looks great. The key is remembering part 😉

3) Favorite Food: Ramen. I guess I am a one trick pony when it comes to food.  I could eat ramen at least twice a week. I don’t mean maruchan or top ramen, I mean the legit authentic Japanese noodle soup. So yummy!

4) Summer Reading: The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. One of my all time favorite novels. Amazing historical fiction following the female characters in the Old Testament. I read this book at least 10 years ago and would love to do a refresh.

5) Nest Hardware Piece: Geo – C – 20 in color Tomato from the Geo Series. One of my favorite pieces that I have yet to use is our long Geo appliance handle. I love the exposed knurled screws and the oversized scale of the piece. I would love to use this on closet doors or on a bunch of dresser drawers to create almost a striped effect.

6) Mom Hack: Making bath time easier. Recently I’ve taught my kids how to bathe each other – or at least wash each other’s hair. This basically means that I can get stuff done during bath time with a few check-ins. They play hair salon and Bryan even knows how to condition Lucy’s hair. I’m sure that they use way too much product but it’s totally worth the time saved.