Hi Everyone. So you’ve read about the 10 things I (Jess Davis) can’t live without and we’ve heard from Jessica Burne and Elizabeth Boland.  Next up is Sharon Michaels who is in charge of orders and customer service – our account manager so to speak. Sharon comes to love and appreciate luxury hardware by way of musical theatre and advertising. Although the closest Sharon has been to hardware in the past was a prop on a set or stage, she landed the lucky role of Account Management at Nest Studio, right after her 5 year role of CEO (aka “SAHM”) with her husband; two awesome boys, and French bulldog, Elvis. With her background in theater and production, she happily brings her creative energy, organizational and problem-solving skills to the team.  Still, she often threatens to bring show tunes to the daily pick list for music at the office. Take it away Sharon:

So… Here are my 10 top things for what it’s worth. I could have given you 20, but I won’t be greedy.  These are tough times.

Caramels– I think these candies are my absolute favorite.  I have consistently loved them since I was 6 years old.  I remember trying them for the first time at my Aunt’s house where she always had a candy bowl out. Butterscotch is a close runner up, but caramels are my go to at any party.

Hamilton Soundtrack – Just because I’m no longer performing, doesn’t mean that the musical theatre geek in me has died.  I am constantly listening to musical theatre on repeat until I can perfect the role (even if only performed in my kitchen).  Hamilton has been on repeat for a while now, even my kids are obsessed. Some people play pop music loudly from their car. Me? It’s Hamilton.

Almost Bare-Bobbi Brown perfume – This my latest and greatest favorite, thanks to a dear friend of mine’s suggestion.  I have always been attracted to “clean, soapy smelling” perfumes.  In the past, I have fallen in love with Benandre, Banana Republic’s W,  Demeter’s Pure Soap.

Ricky’s Bungee – These ties are the best for thick curly hair.  Countless times, i’ve had hair ties break on me or they get tangled in my hair and rip my hair apart.  These wrap around my hair and does not leave the indent in my hair.

Curling iron – I need an iron that gets real hot. I no longer have the time to cater to my hair demands. I used to joke that my hair was in training, when I spent hours on my hair. Now, I’ve resorted to a good curling iron to curl the end of my hair that is sticking straight out because I need a haircut.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer – So it’s no secret that I am turning grey and my roots are showing a lot quicker than I would like them to. It’s hard enough to get to my colorist. This hair spray saves me.  It helps hide the grey as a quick fix until you can get the color done.  It washes out and leaves no residue.

Ouidad Climate Control – Do we see a pattern here… This is the best hair product and I can probably live on this alone.  It’s so thin and watery.  I douse my hair with it and it dries so nicely, taking the frizz out of my hair.

My Day Wives – Everybody needs them.  It’s that friend of yours that you assume you will see them at least once a day, whether it’s at the diner or the playground. It’s that friend that you know you can count on to pick up your kid from school if you are stuck at Michaels picking up crafts for a birthday party that you’re planning. It’s unconditional love. I couldn’t live without these ladies- G.F, S.G-You know who you are! 

Cedar Ridge Coffee – I sorta function in the morning, but not without coffee. Like clockwork, I drop the kids off at school and my car automatically drives to the Cedar Ridge Cafe in Maplewood.  Not just a great cup of coffee, but good food, a friendly staff, a great community and a good hug from the owner to start the day before I go to work. Flawless!

Sushi – I think I could eat sushi every day. When I was pregnant, I made the choice to stay away from raw fish and I used to have dreams that I was eating sushi.  That was one of the first meals I had after delivering both of my boys.