Meet the Atelier Davis team: Charlotte Maier

We’re nearly done meeting the team! Now you’ve (re)met Founder, Jess Davis, and been introduced to Alana Vicknair and Amber Bach. Our newest member, Charlotte Maier, recently joined team Atelier Davis to work on both marketing and design efforts. Charlotte and Jess reconnected after both moving to Atlanta around the same time, but they first... Read more

Meet the Atelier Davis Team: Amber Bach

Now you’ve been introduced to Founder, Jess Davis, and Alana Vicknair. Next up is Amber Bach, who joined team Atelier Davis just over a year ago. This witty mom of two brings a bright energy, as well as an adept skillset, to our interior design team. Here are Amber’s “6 Picks”: Travel Destination : Yorkshire, UK... Read more

Meet The Atelier Davis Team: Alana Vicknair

Last week we featured Founder and Creative Director, Jess Davis, showcasing “6 Picks” of her favorite things. Now we’re introducing you to Alana Vicknair, a valued Design Assistant at Atelier Davis. Alana is such an asset to our team! Helping lay the groundwork for our design firm, Alana began as an intern and then became... Read more

Meet the Atelier Davis Team: Jess Davis

You’ve been introduced to the women of team Nest Studio. Now that the Atelier Davis is growing, we’re featuring “6 Picks” of the women who make up our flourishing interior design team. First up is Founder and Creative Director, Jess Davis, of course! Atelier Davis is lucky to have Jess as its fearless leader and... Read more

Pool Float Roundup

I know. I know. This seems like a bit of a bizarre post, especially for an interior designer. But as the weather warms and we spend more time at home and in our pool, I’ve been thinking about pool floats a lot lately. My kids love floats, so we have a bunch. But I hate... Read more

Mood Board Monday: Airy Atrium

Today we are showing our airy atrium for my Norcal project. I want to anchor the space with some giant planters at each corner. And who doesn’t want a swing in an atrium? My client has this amazing set of powder coated metal art which is perfect for a bright space where color fastness is... Read more

Mood Board Monday: Colorful Kitchen

The below kitchen may look familiar to you. It maybe looks like an iteration of my own kitchen in Atlanta. The architecture may also seem familiar because it’s part of the Eichler home that I am working on in the Bay Area. I love this house and feel so honored that my clients chose me... Read more

Firepit Chair Roundup

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that I’ve been creating a little fire pit area behind our pool. The area used to house a really icky teardrop shaped in-ground spa that was about neck-deep and only fit about 2 people. It was truly strange. We had it demolished when we renovated the... Read more

Mood Board Monday: Mad Men Lounge

Yup – another Monday, another mood board. Counting my blessings that I have a number of projects in the works and fun mood boards to show you. This is for a local project. The home is a great mid-century gem and we are switching the living and dining areas. The living room is going to... Read more

My Skincare Routine

I posted about my skincare routine a while ago but now that I’ve honed it a bit and gotten more into at-home self care with this whole quaratine thing I thought I’d give you guys a quick update. Admittedly I still like to keep it VERY simple. I’m also pretty cheap. While I’m a sucker... Read more

Quarantine Yogawear

Even before this all began, I had pipe dreams of how my ideal day would look. Shuttling the kids to school, heading to a yoga class, getting some work done – flitting around Atlanta for my design practice and ending the day with a refreshment on the patio. I am strange in that most of... Read more