It’s Heather here with our Design Spotlight Monday! This week we are spotlighting the imaginative Catalan Art Nouveaux Architect, Antoni Gaudi.  Gaudi is revered as much for his highly individualized organic forms as for his complex understanding of geometry and structure.  His work is influenced by both nature and religion and largely transcends a single style or classification.

Throughly studying organic forms and geometry, Gaudi sought for innovative ways to express these forms in architecture.  He rarely drew two-dimensional detailed plans, but preferred designing in three-dimensional structural models and molding even the smallest detail as he conceived them.  Gaudi also involved himself in the details of all structural and ornamental elements.

Gaudi stood out equally as an interior designer.  Decorating most buildings personally from the furnishings to the smallest details, Gaudi was a prolific furniture, hardware and interior designer.  He considered detail and craft into his architecture including ceramics, stained glass, ironwork, and carpentry.

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