Probably about a month ago, I shared some photos of our unfinished attic which we were turning into a play space. Since then the progress has been fast and furious.  It’s actually been complete for a couple of weeks now but I’ve been putting on the finishing touches (and of course the kids have already christened the carpet with various bodily fluids). And I’ve finally gotten around the photographing it (and organizing it multiple times).  Here is the before:

Here is the space in progress with sub-floor going in.

And framing

And then post sheetrock and paint.

And the final product!  My GC did a great job matching our downstairs stair railing and while I’m generally not a fan of carpet, it is so nice under foot and works reallywell in a play room (also the most economical). And of course it’s nice not to be stepping on Bryan’s toy trains down in our work space any more.

 I got these great toy shelves from PB Kids that works so well for coraling toys yet keeping them visible (no dark bins and baskets you have to pull out)

I also repurposed some colored clothespins that I made for an 80’s party as a fun way to hang Bryan’s artwork in the space.

What projects do you have going on for spring?