So, it’s been over a week, but for my birthday, Scott took me on the previously mentioned downtown date night.  Highlights include (and I apologize for the blurry iphone photos):

Martinis at the Library Bar.  Cute and Cozy space and probably better food than where we ended up.

A ride on the Angel’s Flight Funicular – the shortest railway in the US.  For a mere 25 cents you get to stand instead of walking the steep slope between Hill Street and Grand Ave.

A stop at Redwood – a pirate themed downtown bar

A walk through longer-than-we-thought tunnel under said hill and past several homeless folk…. nothing like pushing the safety envelope on your 32nd birthday.

Final stop First and Hope Supper Club.  Whilst we had fun because we were with each other, my word of advice is DO NOT GO THERE.  Schizophrenic. Southern soul food meets Miami style club lounge with waitresses dressed in 20s gear and they’d run out of practically everything that we ordered on the menu.