Thanks to Irene from DesignstILes for creating this fun hip mom outfit:
Although I’m not a new mom, or mom for that matter, I do know once my time comes, I’ll want to continue to try and dress stylishly.
Time is limited once you’ve got a baby on board, so it’s important to rely on a few key pieces you can easily jump into when it’s time to dash out the door.
1. Hopefully the baby weight comes off and you can fit into some slim fit cropped jeans.
2. Hide those tired eyes behind some aviators. They look good on anyone.
3. Show you can be a bit edgy with this snakecharmer belt.
4. I find boots with a low heel to be quite comfortable. Give yourself a bit of extra height with these suede boots.
5. A fun colored shopper handbag large enough to carry mom and baby’s belongings.
6. A striped tee has never gone out of style. Points to being comfortable and stylish.
Here’s to staying stylish, mommas.
Thank you for having me, Jess!