Today was a both a happy and sad day in the Ahnert Davis household.  We had to say goodbye to our beloved shady Mulberry tree.  If you recall, it got quite the haircut last fall when we moved in – not much shade to be seen. 

But apparently, as Mulberries do, it didn’t seem to mind and over the summer it let out its locks and became quite the shade source…. which was welcome in the recent heat.

 This photo doesn’t show the entire tree but you can see how far down its branches were hanging.

But alas its roots were growing about as fast as its limbs and they were creating quite the crack in our garden wall – and would have eventually toppled the entire structure.  So we had to let it go to tree heaven (off to the chipper shredder).

In it’s place we have planted a beautiful plum, which won’t have the same invasive root issues.  Of course, it’s a little smaller and now we can see more of the wreckage that is our neighbor’s house and yard.  But the color should be beautiful once it fills out a little more.