I always love decorating for the holidays. Well, rather I like decorating for Christmas. I’m not into many other holiday decorations, but I like that I can decorate my whole house for this one holiday and really make it feel festive and warm. This year I learned that I need to put all my other accessories in storage in order to do Christmas right and not make my home look overly cluttered. Who knew?! Also, I tend not to like overly themed Christmas decor – nor do I like to stick to a color palette other than the palette being Christmas (in the same way that I don’t like overly themed weddings – the theme is getting married after all!). So here is a little sneak peek at my decor. It’s not high style by any means and I’ve moved so much that I’m only just figuring out what works in this house. Next year we will have a larger tree for sure, but for now, I’m liking how this works with the mid-mod decor.

Our pantry, fridge, and coffee bar wrapped like a big present.
I’ve had this Pendleton blanket forever and never had a place for it. I finally realized it was the perfect holiday blanket – pulling together the colors of my house and adding some winter warmth.
Sometimes you have to group all the cheesy stuff and make it into a vignette.
Wall trellises make for great ornament hangers.