So, I’ve been considering what to do with our existing powder room.  One day down the road (the key words being “down the road”) we plan on replacing the powder room with a laundry area and creating a full guest bath in our current laundry.  So as much as I would love to turn my powder room into a beautiful jewelbox, I just can’t justify spending money on a fancy wallpaper just to rip it down in a few years time.  Plumbing fixtures and lighting can be moved, but not wallcovering.

Cutting Edge Stencils to the rescue.  They have some great patterns that I think would work well as feature walls, powder room walls etc.  Not your typical Americana Mary Englebreit looking stencils, these ones are way radder (is that a word?), funkier, and stylish. Here are some options I’m considering (check out their website, this is just a sampling of what I like, but there are tons of other patterns).

Now, I just have to figure out what colors to use.  Maybe shades of grey?  Tans?  dark sea blues?  Considering my recent aversion to color, I’m hoping I don’t also develop an aversion to pattern.