I usually enjoy talking about interior spaces and how to achieve a similar look. But something I have loved doing since I was a kid is checking out the exterior of homes, different architectural designs, and then imagining how I would style the interior.

I love this adorably blue town home found on My Design Chic and can only dream of how I would design the inside. 

Here’s how I would start….

Framed Artwork / ZGallerie
Wall Sconce / Schoolhouse Electric
Dinnerware / Bloomingdales
Arm Chair / Schoolhouse Electric
Side Table / 1st Dibs
Pendant Light / Schoolhouse Electric
Area Rug / Loom
Basket / Crate & Barell
Bedding / Schoolhouse Electric
Table Lamp / Lawson Fenning
Candles / Haus Interior
– Cori