We are kicking off our new Nest Studio Design Crush series by highlighting the work of the fabulous west coast designer, Catherine Kwong.  This designer is beyond crushable.  
Catherine seems to be able to accomplish the impossible . . . sophisticatedly tailored interiors that are simultaneously edgy, spaces that are luxurious yet intimate, and a seamless blending of different styles and materials.  Best of all, Catherine Kwong really understands how to use hardware.  In 2012 she told SFGate:
“Want to know a trick that all the best decorators use?  Start with the hardware.  Whether it’s a vintage, one-of-a-kind door handle or sleek, minimal cabinet pulls, use it as a starting point and design your cabinetry, furniture and doors around it.  With beautiful hardware, even the simplest piece of furniture can be truly amazing.  The result is something that looks like an intentional statement, not an afterthought.”
We couldn’t agree more!
Check out our Instagram feed this week @neststudiohardware for more glimpses of work by Catherine Kwong.  Here is a sampling of her work:

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