So, I had my second adventure on the LA Metro this morning. Took the Gold Line to work from the Del Mar Stop. I’m starting to brew up a little Gold Line Adventure as a weekend event. Here is what I’m thinking so far, Who’s In?

– Start at Del Mar in Pasadena and have an early brunch at Le Grande Orange (previously mentioned), Elements Kitchen, or Central Park Cafe.

-Hop on the Gold Line toward downtown for just $1.25.

– Take a trip to the Southwest Museum (yes, it’s the Southwest Museum stop) and increase your knowledge of the Native Americans of the west

– Get back on the Gold Line headed south and get off at the Chinatown stop and walk north Spring / Alameda St to the Los Angeles State Historic Park. Walk amongst the meadows of native flowers and enjoy the natural scenery smack in the middle of industrial LA.

– After burning off some calories stop off for a late lunch at the Los Angeles institution Phillipe French Dips

– Do a little shopping in the trinket shops along Hill and Broadway in Chinatown

– Next, hop back on the metro going back toward Pasadena and get of in SoPas at the Mission stop.

– Take a walk down Mission enjoying the quaint small town feel. Stop in for a pre-dinner drink at Mike & Annes

– Mosey along Mission and make a left on Fair Oaks. Duck into Gus’s Barbeque. By now you have worked up an appetite and what better way to satisfy it than to chow down on some of LA’s best BBQ.

– Hop back on the Gold Line and head Home (or to the Black Boar Bar in Eagle Rock – to be featured in a later post).