As purveyors of luxury hardware, we adore high end interior designers with a distinctive voice.  This week we are honored to feature the charismatic work of boutique hotel maven, Dorothée Meilichzon.  Her interiors exude ambiance with an unique, fresh vintage meets modern aesthetic.  Meilichzon and her team from the Parisian design firm, Chzon, are skillful orchestrators of distinctive restaurants, bars and hotels.  Their interiors are the some of the French capital’s hippest addresses.  

Chzon creates an atmosphere that is the right interplay between a seductive palette, texture and pattern.  More often than not a pastiche of shapes find their way onto her floors, walls and furnishings. Meilichzon states:

“I’m really into graphic design, typography and patterns.  In interior design the symmetry is important. I like everything to be in order.”

She weaves these bold patterns with elaborate contours, profiles and mouldings of period buildings to produce inventive results.  Historic buildings are eclectically transposed into a contemporary aesthetic of her own where marble inlay flooring, Parisian carpentry and decorative moldings are revamped by trimless mirrors and mid-century brass fittings with black highlights. Dorothée Meilichzon’s retro take on classic French design creates a distinctive ambiance of playful personality and a cool, understated bohemian elegance.