For those of you who have been following our rec room reno, this is what it looked like before we moved in – A long room with janky closet doors and horrible contractor tile floors. 

 To get ready for baby, we’ve put a wall splitting it into a family/TV room and guest room.  The wall is up, the new downlights are in, the tile was ripped up and concrete floors sealed, and the rooms have been painted.  Below is the same view now with the wall.

Looking into the guest room (yes, that is our old incinerator hatch). we are thinking about putting a scary diarama inside for when the guests take a peek.

 Guest room looking toward family room

 Yes the dungeon-like guest room is almost black. Don’t worry though.  It will look dramatic (or perhaps are we trying to make sure our guests don’t stay too long). 

 And a shade of blue for the family room.  Hmmmm… remarkably similar to the color of our bedroom in Brooklyn. Do the Davises have a palette?

 Stay tuned for more progress!