Hi Everyone!  Jess D here. It’s spring and our house is being painted this week! Well, rather, they are starting the stripping, priming and then the painting which is going to be a multi-week process. But I’m excited to document it for you. That said, I realized I never gave an update on the finalized paint scheme. There had been several options. I even entertained the idea of adding some pinky peach in there and hemmed and hawwed over painting the window sashes and storms. But I think I’ve come to a final decision.  Here is what I’m thinking.

I realize that the dark blue/green/grey looks almost black on some of your computer screens, but don’t fret, I’ve sampled it in person.  I also did a couple of new mock ups on some closer in areas of the house to get an idea of how it would look. It’s a bit tough to photoshop the areas in shadow but I’m generally happy with the overall idea.

Ignore the plywood panelson the stained glass windows that are being repaired.  And stay tuned as we peel back the layers and put this lady back together!