On various road trips and camping excursions I’ve often found myself cringing at the monstrosities that are American camper vans cruising down the road and dominating natural campsites.  My midwestern born and bred husband, on the other hand, touts the endless advantages to cross crountry road-tripping in said homes-on-wheels  So one day, perhaps in retirement, I imagine I will have to succumb to the idea of the open road with a bobble head hula dancer on the dash board and a pair of fuzzy dice hanging from the rear-view-mirror. I’m hoping though, that at that point, we will have the lifestyle such that we can afford an Airstream or some other stylish version of the camper / trailer.

To add to my road-trip inspiration, Moore and Giles Leather recently introduced their Woody Wagon at the New York’s Dining By Design. The Woody will be traveling across country (and hopefully stopping near you) this summer. I love how everything expands and how it stores so much. It’s like a great chest of drawers, jewelry box or pair of pocketed cargo pants.  I know, it’s a bit ridiculous that recreation of the alcoholic variety is given such an inordinate amount of space.  For true traveling you might need to do a little restructuring. But still, there is no doubt that with the Woody one is cruising in style – a bit of a nod to old school Martha’s Vinyard nautical style perhaps.