With the whole blogosphere in a tizzy over the gift giving season, why go to the store to buy gift tags?  There are plenty of free downloadable gift tag options out there that are super cute, fun, and way more interesting than what you’ll find when you rush out to Target, CVS or the Container Store at the last minute.  Here is just a sampling of what’s out there.

Free Printable Gift tags from Fawn and Forest

Ornament Gift Tags from Lisa Rupp

Fun blank gift tags from Little Hut

Elf Tags from Liquid Paper

Doily Napkin Bands from Creature Comforts (a nice napkin holder as well as gift tag)

Fun tags from Whisper Graphics

I’ve even run across some downloadable gift wrap options.  Although I’m not blogging about those because while they might be fine for wrapping small jewelry-sized gifts, for anything larger you’d need a large-format printer.