Thanks to my Boston buddy Michele of The Department of the Interior for her guest post today: 

As if I didn’t already have enough friends who have migrated West, (ahem, Jess), my friend Jay recently ditched me and all of his friends on the East Coast for an opportunity to shack up in San Francisco. I don’t really know why he’d ever want to leave Boston but he did. Now he’s all complaining that his apartment isn’t “done”.  It’s only been a month, be patient I tell him, but he’s still anxious and ridiculously motivated. So I’ve been trying to help him select a few pieces of furniture for his smallish but very cutish one bedroom apartment. Which, by the way, is located across the street from Golden Gate Park, which I see is very nice from the photos he keeps sending me.

Since I’m still East Coast, we’ve been communicating via facetime, ivideo, email and texting. One afternoon he went on a rug searching bender.

The rug I really wanted him to get is this Ikea Stockholm Rand rug $199.00, but apparently they are sold out at every store in the country. He told me there was someone selling it on ebay for twice the retail amount. What’s up with that?

So he finally settled on this shaggy Memphis Stone rug from Crate and Barrel. There’s no wool in it so his feet won’t get itchy.

My challenge for the living room now is to convince him that he needs a fabulous coffee table in a very bright color.  Like this one made from the hood of a Camaro.

The Weld House

How hard can that be with all of those amazing flea markets I keep reading about?

Stay tuned for my post on Jay’s Entry. It involves a map.

By the way, if you’re wondering how I got my text messages off my phone, I used Decipher TextMessage, made by Decipher Media of which my now West Coast friend Jay is co-founder.

Thanks Jess for inviting me to post a guest blog on The Eagle’s Nest!