Friends, designers, bloggers, lend me your ears.  Cori from over at Pretty Haute Mess is starting a new guest post series here at the Eagle’s Nest.  Please join me in welcoming Cori. 

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be starting a regular guest post here at The Eagle’s Nest. Every once in a while I’ll drop in to show you my favorite Etsy finds. Today, I’m debuting with items for babies, which includes nurseries of course. And since I know how much Jessica loves owls I decided to stick with a specific theme. One day, when Jessica and I are designing our nurseries, we’re going to have to fight over the owl theme…I think it’s adorable!

 bookend by April Foss

 onsie by Circular Accessories

 growth chart by Ink Tree Press

 stationery by Rock Paper Dove

 snack sac by Waste Not Snacks

pacifier clip by Elleigator Clips

wall decal by Modern Decals

bib by Finney

-Design Girl {Pretty Haute Mess}