I’ve been rocking my bangs with bun for almost 5 years now with a little break in the middle where it became bangs with bob.  Now I think I’m ready for a change. We are settled into our Atlanta house and I’m trying to up my self care routine and thinking that perhaps I could devote a little more time to styling (ie more than the zero time I spend now).  The major change, I think, will be growing out my bangs – a rather painful process, I know. That said, I’m trying to figure out what look I’m going for. Realistically I won’t style it every single day. I don’t have time for teasing. Maybe just some product and occasional blowdrying.  So I have to work with what I have. And no side swept hair that just lays across my face. I am an ear tucker.  Here are some options (some work better for the stipulations I’ve given myself above).  And one of them is maybe a more in between option keeping the longer hair.

Would you all to weigh in and let me know what you think!

short hairstyles growing out bangs