Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a nice holiday season.  We were in Key West with my family for a week and home with friends for the new year.  All in all a very nice holiday.  As many of you who follow me on facebook or see me in my daily life already know, we are expecting Baby #2, due May 14 (the day before our 10th anniversary).  This means a lot of changes on both the home and business fronts

We’ve been busy preparing our house for Baby #2’s arrival.  Since we only have 3 bedrooms on our second floor and one of them is used as my office, we had to do a bit of reconfiguring.  Our massive basement guest room (literally the same size as our living room) was split in two and a new door was added to the rec room to accommodate a basement office (more convenient anyways since I do all my hardware fulfillment in the basement) and the former office got a closet door switcharoo so that we can put a changing table in a more convenient location.  We still haven’t migrated everything downstairs for the new office but I’m excited about what we have planned and about my new shipping station (it’s amazing how much a little organization helps the stress level and amount of time it takes to do something).  I’m also excited to make a cozy and efficient guest room out of the smaller space and really do some decorating down there – as with most people our basement was sort of the space where all of our cast off furniture went to live.  More on all of that later and on to the fun decorating stuff!

We are excited to announce that Baby #2 is a girl.  While we wouldn’t have minded another boy (and it certainly would have made for a more convenient clothing and toy situation) I’m really happy to be designing a little girl’s room.  The former office already had a cool light fixture and our Eames lounger which we will keep for the baby’s room. We hope that by May Bryan will have moved to a big boy’s bed and we can transfer his crib to the baby’s room as well.  And I plan to keep the same pale grey on the walls. So from a decorating standpoint it’s really a dresser/changing table (hello, craigslist), rug, artwork, bedding, and window coveringss that have to be decided on.  We already own two Charley Harper prints that I plan to incorporate into a gallery wall and just purchased a fun ladies swimming print at IKEA the other day for above the changing table.  Here is my concept board so far:

The rug is really the deciding piece. I’m loving the idea of using a pale peachy pink and mint green as accents and not taking the room in an overly juvenile direction by keeping it eclectic.  That said, the rug has been really challenging!  I love the vintage rug that I found on Esalerugs.com but it’s a bit pricey so we will have to see what else gives.  There are a few other contenders as well but I’m just not sure of them and love the way this one ties everything together.  What are your thoughts?

More sources and other ideas and options for baby’s room on my pinterest board here.