So the Eagle’s Nest is in need of a little revamp.  I love my logo and font but let’s be honest, the Eagle’s Nest is not exactly “A local guide to all things relevant.”  For one, aside from my own house and the local sources I find and use, the rest of my blog is fairly universal and non location specific.  I try to keep things relevant but I don’t cover politics, the economy, science etc, so who am I kidding, I’m certainly not writing about ALL things relevant.  So first off, I’m in dire need of a new tag line. It can be a series of words, a phrase as it was before, or something humorous and off-kilter.  I’m just not sure what it should be.  I did a little brainstorming below but would love any reader input.

Secondly, I was reading Bri’s post about color at Design Love Fest. Color is so important. Right now I’m not sure about the colors of my logo / banner.  I like the dark color of the text and logo but the papery background may be a little too “eco” looking for me.  I love to be green, but that isn’t necessarily the look I’m going for.  So I started thinking about colors I like – colors that I love in interiors, in fashion etc. Generally speaking I’m not a kelly green, fuschia preppy girly girl.  I love masculine colors in interiors and fashion – navy, black, every shade of grey. With a pop of white and maybe a chartreuse and burn orange and some brass mixed in.  I’m thinking my palette looks sort of like this. What are your thoughts on color? When you think of me and my blog (IF you think about me and my blog at all) do certain colors come to mind?