I’m working on a new project for a client in the city and am excited to show you a little sneak peek.  It’s a one bedroom condo on the Upper East Side (sound schnazzy right? Funnily, my client was actually priced out of Brooklyn and ended up back in the city).  Anyways, the condo has a great amount of space and my client wanted a bright airy, eclectic feel.  Here are some layouts I did for her living / dining space.

She opted for this third layout below:

And here are the two design boards I did.  She already has the sofa, ottoman, bar cart and dining table so I worked those into the schemes. We really like the layered rug look and since my client is Indian we might be able to use some oriental rugs from her family to pull this off. 

Which is your favorite? I’m on the fence and I think we will end up with a hybrid.  More later as we work out the details.