Aperture decorative hardware by Nest Studio

Jessica Davis’ decorative hardware company, Nest Studio, launched a brand new collection called Aperture. In designing this luxury hardware, Jessica was inspired by the early 20th century’s rapid innovation in art and design. Both linear and minimal, Aperture is designed to play with light as it enters the positive and negative spaces of the knobs and pulls so that the quiet luxury look changes throughout the day and in different light.

Design by Atelier Davis. Photography by Emily Followill.

Jessica also wanted to be mindful of function and a range of possibility for designers, and thus developed a mix and match of materials, including matte black, white oak, polished brass, polished nickel, as well as the same optional back plates to match or not. Designers can bring together natural wood and luxe metals, go without back plates altogether, or go for high shine glam! And, all knobs and pulls are intended for retro-fitting over pre-existing drill holes, making statement decorative hardware updates and interior renovations a quick and accessible option for clients, too!

Sketching is an essential part of Jessica Davis’ interior design process, both in residential and commercial projects, but also in designing decorative cabinet hardware. Check out how Aperture came to be!