Yes, yet another gift guide. Just what you needed right? Well, I’m not even going to attempt to give you a gift guide for your kids, husbands, mothers-in-law etc. Sure, I could curate a bunch of stuff that looks pretty together and that fits age and gender wise for your loved ones – stuff that you would want them to want. But let’s be real for a second here.  My kids don’t want hand carved wooden toys and yes, they enjoy clothes, but by that I mean, princess dresses with actual pictures of the princesses on the front and sweats and tees with dinosaurs on them.  So a collection of gifts on my blog for those folks would not be pretty to look at, nor would it feel curated.  And you really know best what those people in your lives want. I have no idea if your daughter loves LOL dolls or is really super into Shopkins. I could create an entire utilitarian lumber jack inspired board for my and your husbands but when are they really going to use that leather wrapped thermos?

So in the spirit of the holidays I present you with my holiday gift guide for myself.  And maybe you’ll like some of these things and can send your loved ones to this blog post to ease their holiday shopping stress.  Here we go:

A – I mean, this chair. It’s such a statement and it actually looks comfortable – and at $379 from Urban Outfitters, it’s a bargain . I am totally on board with the cane / rattan trend and have been for quite some time (yikes – I started developing my lauhala series about 5 years ago!).  I know it’s going mainstream now, but I’m still loving a touch of cane.

B – This necklace adds a little color in a sophisticated way. Love the asymmetry and the length it adds. Great for layering.

C – I am not a slipper person usually, but I’ve been getting Hygge with it lately and I love these pom pom slippers. I like that they are easy to slip off if your feet start burning up.  Of course, in reality I can’t actually own these because Cheerio would surely eat them up (and I don’t mean he would simply love them).

D – I have no idea how much biking I will do in Atlanta. It’s fairly hilly and spread out. But the Chatahoochee River preserve has some great biking trails and the beltline is a great way to bike around and explore the city. And a gal has got to cycle in style.  Cheaper than a Public or Shinola but still as stylish, I love this ride.

E – You know how I’m into beautiful utility.  Love this dustpan and broom set for the the new Hotlanta Midmod.  

F – Ergh… I know this dress is sold out. I should have picked it up at the store. It is soooo soft and beautiful and totally great to wear every day. I’m totally loving everything Ace and Jig these days.

G – There is something appealing to me about all of the new LL Bean logo gear. I think it’s the colors and the vintage look of it.  This bag would be great for the pool or beach  come summer.

H – I need some more mid-century inspired lighting and I’m totally digging a touch of red right now – especially in combination with other off kilter colors like mint, pink, purple and orange (versus a more staid combination you would expect like navy).  These vintage mid century lamps would look great in our master as bedside lighting.

I – Well, I know I will have less of a need for insulated boots in Atlanta, but it still can get fairly chilly. These Duckfeet boots are a nice replacement for the shearling No 6 clog boots I’ve worn for the past five years and I like that they have more structure than an Ugg.

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful season. I’ll be back with more Jess’s picks in the new year (not in the form of a gift guide). In the meantime let me know if there are any great goodies you are coveting for 2019.