So I received my dacron wrapped foam cushion for the breakfast nook the other day.  I ordered it from Foam Factory online where I had ordered the foam for our outdoor cushions in LA.  It’s such a great resource. Then, I randomly had our old shower curtain out because I had used it as a makeshift picnic blanket over the weekend and instead of putting it away I decided to wrap the cushion temporarily with the shower curtain to see how it looked. I actually like the ikat (not so much with the rust and pink ikat pillows), but I like the monochrome look with the grey floor.  Better yet, the shower curtain is something I already own (free!) and just the right size I think I will try my hand at sewing a cushion cover.  Excited I found this option and didn’t have to pay for fabric! Shower curtains are a great place to look for fabric for small projects. They are generally well priced and there are so many fun options out there. I might need to do some shower curtain shopping for my next reupholstery project.