Better late than never….. A few photos from my Blogger’s Meetup from a couple of weekends ago. Here is the original invite that I did combined with the story board my friend Jess created all based around the same theme and color scheme.

And the event:

Bryan made a brief appearance.
There were many amazing treats brought by all.  Home-made scones and mini-bundt cakes anyone?
Here is the lineup of lovely ladies who attended.  And thanks gals for all of the mentions on your blogs!

•Callie of Call me Cal
•Kelly of Crafte Design
•Sarah of Very Sarie
•Amanda of Love Creative Blog
•Theresa of Inspiration Cooperative
•Kelly of Studio DIY
•Jen of Punky and the City
•Irene of Design Stiles
•Elsie of Elauinc

And special thanks to Jessica Houlemard for helping with the decor and florals and Dan Persitz for the photography (and a few I stole from Call me Cal as well :).