The built-ins are almost done, and the overlays are in.  And they look fab.  Thanks Danika!  And my Schoolhouse Electric sconces are a new fave as well.  A few tweaks to the doors, adding some shoe molding to cover our speaker wire on the mantle, and then a major dusting and I should be on my way to filling those babies up with coats and accessories.  And a wall mounted TV means I get to put some accessories below it on the mantel.  I’m not a big tech person but we have this new infrared remote thing that allows us to hide all our components and use our iphones and ipad as remotes.  It is SO cooool.  Oh, and I’m waiting on the hardware. I’m thinking one of my items that’s still in prototyping will be what we end up using.  More on that later… And we got this great jute rug from West Elm that I’m excited to get down on the floor. All of the look of sisal but SO much softer.  Eventually we will have to figure out a better solution than our IKEA lack coffee tables but they work for now (sadly, our octagonal coffee table from LA is too large and will be relegated to the basement rec room).  Can’t wait to update you on the kitchen floor stencil situation next.