Even though I strive to be an aesthete and fashionista, I am just not one of those gals who goes for a weekly mani and pedi (granted in my marathoning days, it probably would have been a good idea).  I’m all about the quick fix, and I do too much gardening, dish washing and other manual labor to make a manicure a worthy investment…. not to mention that I’m too impatient to let it dry fully so I inevitably mess it up between the salon and car.  Recently, however, a friend introduced me to Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips. These are like the updated version of good ole Lee Press-on nails.  They’re like stickers for your nails, but they stay on way longer and are made of real nail polish.  I tried them out and they are super easy to use and look pretty good methinks (better than I’d do with a brush and bottle of polish). 

 The color shown here is Red-y for Trouble (please ignore the green written reminder on my hand – yes, I’m sophisticated like that).  The color I chose is actually one of their tamer colors. There are yellows, blues, along with patterns like fishnet and leopard.  Not sure if I can get into those.  Perhaps they need to introduce a few more “classic” colors to the line?