Hi Friends! We’re back with another six picks from our newest team member Jurnee Artis. Jurnee is a fellow Texan hailing from Austin and is studying interior design at Scad. We love having her on the team!

1. Travel Destination : Jaco, Costa Rica, my favorite family vacation place. It’s very relaxing, perfect for bonding, but also the best for outdoor activities. The beautiful black sand beaches are great for surfing. It’s so beautiful and quiet, it feels like a dream world – besides the monkeys.

2. Art Movement Inspo: I really am into the Zero Group movement right now. They were really good at being dramatic but palatable to a wide audience at the same time. Their use of materiality to emphasize shape and light was the bane of the movement… It was short-lived but their style is classic in my eyes.

3. TV Show: I am a Donald Glover fan, I think he’s a genius. I started watching the series before I actually moved to Atlanta, and at that point, the local jokes were going right over my head. Even without being a resident, he’s great at making mundane real life seem funny. My second favorite is American Horror Story: Hotel. The deco decor really made it that much better to watch.

4. Self-Care Item: I am very simple when it comes to this sort of thing, I really don’t venture out too far. African Black Soap is my go-to for my skin. It lasts a long time and my skin adores it. On the rare occurrence, I have an issue, my go to is Glossier’s Skin Perfector.

5. Food: Birria Tacos. Really all Mexican food, but a great taco especially.

6. I love anywhere that is 24 hours, but my favorite is Jeju Sauna. It’s a Korean bath house. I love to go with my friends at any time of night just to relax and take a spa nap on the mats. It never gets old.