Laura is one of the newest members of the Atelier team and we are so lucky to have snatched her up after taking a break to raise her 3 kids. Laura is an architect by trade and training and has worked for TVS and Blur Workshops in Atlanta designing large hospitality projects. Jess is especially enjoying talking shop with Laura about the differences between large hospitality firms and boutique residential. Laura, take it away from here!

1. Travel Destination : Oh so many places, Scotland, Maine, Egypt, Greece, South Korea, Istanbul, Marrakesh, Prince Edward Island, Mexico City, and the list goes on and on. Growing up in Atlanta, we typically went to St. Simons on family vacation. This year, I finally made the trip to Jekyll Island and couldn’t believe that I have been missing out on Driftwood Beach all these years. The bleached trees against the sky, sand and ocean are beautiful and surreal. And of course, we always stop at either Southern Soul for a BBQ feast or Willie’s Wee-Nee Wagon in Brunswick for a fried pork chop sandwich.

2. Design Inspo : Maybe a sign that I need to start traveling to new places but Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture has always resonated strongly. A courtyard with a table for morning coffee and evening wine surrounded by lush landscaping, red clay tiles and the twinkly sound of a fountain seems like the perfect way to start and end the day. Also reminds me of happy past trips to a monastery turned hotel in Toledo, Spain, the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, Spain, and even the courtyard at the pensione in Cortona, Italy where I was lucky enough to spend a summer while studying art.

3. TV Show : It’s not very often I get to watch adult tv with three younger kids but when I do, I have no shame in admitting that I love the full spectrum of Bravo reality tv. My daughter has recently gotten into Harry Potter, so I am having fun watching those again with her. 

4. Self Care Item : Mushroom Wisdom Aquamelle Cream. Slather that all over my face, neck and hands and regret all those times I didn’t wear sunscreen.

5. Food : I love a multi-course dinner with wine pairings, like Bacchanalia and I miss Restaurant Eugene, but just as happy eating cheese dip and tacos at Jalisco’s.  Atlanta is home to so many wonderful restaurants but a few of my favorites are General Muir, Miller Union, Taqueria del Sol, Alon’s, Yalla, Canoe, Little Tart Bakeshop, La Grotta, Ria’s Bluebird, and the Optimist. Also, any place with good oysters, take all my money. 

6. Atlanta Destination : Oh this is a tough one for me. I was born and raised in Atlanta. I love getting to know different parts of Atlanta but the Atlanta Botanical Gardens is one of my favorite places to visit, even during the colder months.