The below kitchen may look familiar to you. It maybe looks like an iteration of my own kitchen in Atlanta. The architecture may also seem familiar because it’s part of the Eichler home that I am working on in the Bay Area. I love this house and feel so honored that my clients chose me to carry out their vision. Obviously I don’t want it to look exactly like my own home even though the ceiling details may be similar. We are using black walnut, concrete counters, blue cabinets and black steel accents (I tried to convince them to go for Blue Steel but they weren’t fans of Ben Stiller;) In any case, we have two iterations we are deciding on. Perhaps you could give some input. Let us know your fave! Here is Scheme #1

Sources: pendant, range, stool, chair,

Here is Scheme #2

Sources: pendant, range, stool, chair

Which one resonates with you the most? And most importantly which Nest Studio hardware would work best on the blue cabinets? 😉