So, a few more photos from the past couple of days.  A lot of progress since the last update earlier this week. YES, we are still moving in on Saturday.  YES, there is still a lot to be done in the next 24 hours. It will by no means be finished. But it should be ready enough for us to move in. Today they did the last coat of poly on the floors, installed the plumbing, refinished the bathtub, fixed the kitchen cabinet debacle, hooked up the HVAC, and got the downstairs painted. Tomorrow the counters get installed and a final coat of paint goes on the kitchen floor. Appliances go in and the cleaning crew gets to work.  Down to the wire I know.  I definitely lit a fire under my GC’s arse.  Crossing all fingers and toes, no matter how short they are.

kitchen before they took the cabinets back out and installed the correct ones

dining room starting to look good in elegant black

master bedroom paint job – a soothing brown/grey

Bryan’s room being painted an buttery artichoke yellow (considering adding a DIY black chalk-board wall down the line)

And the living room looking a lot more finished than before.