Jaime from Less on the Floor is back with another fashion post for those casual summers at the office.  She will be contributing regularly every other Wednesday with Stylin’ Mamma’s fashion post …. Now, before I let Jaime take over, here’s a little intro.
Jaime and I went to college together and were part of the same a cappella group – yes we are singing nerds.  We were also part of the same general group of trouble making gals, spending the summer as roommates in New York City and attending various fraternity formals together.  Fast forward to the present day.  Jaime is the mom of two lovely children who provide fodder for the adventures she blogs about.  She is also one of those people who makes being a mom and being fashionable look so easy.  So it seemed natural that she would contribute to this series.  I look forward to seeing all the great ensembles she comes up with.  Take it away Jaime!
I work in a company with a “casual summer” dress code, but even so it’s important to be a little bit polished.  (Even when dropping the kids off at school and risking bottle scum on the clothes.  Even then.)
I just bought some green pants and I’m obsessed!  They’re the new neutral in my wardrobe.  My poor husband is like “Really?  The green pants again?” Yes and yes.  These from Madewell are so flattering and I love the length.  Perfect for summer. 
I love a not-quite-basic button down.  No fuss.  
For running around with kidlets, it’s flats all the way.  I could certainly get away with these deck shoes at the office this time of year but would probably opt for a dressier sandal.  But man, for weekends/mornings/afternoons these are the BEST.  I bought the snakeskin, tried them on once, and immediately ran to the computer to buy the rose gold.  They are that comfortable.  
For a dressier vibe, I’d wear these.  Vacation date-night, anyone?  
And of course, summer demands new shades
For work and kids, you cannot go wrong with a Longchamp bag.  They hold everything.  Even other Longchamp bags.  
And of course a little Tiffany bauble at the neck doesn’t hurt either.