Every year I write a blog post about new years resolutions. I find that it helps to look back and see what I have accomplished. Interestingly, I didn’t do one for 2018 even though I feel like it was an eventful and productive year.  So I figured it was time to make some goals.  For 2019 I have a few – not too many but a few.

Do more cooking and meal planning. I’m hoping that the addition of an instapot to my meal repertoire will help in this regard. I may also need to create some sort of meal planning calendar (legit style) to help me with this. It is definitely one of the areas where I truly fall short.

Get back into the yoga routine in Atlanta. With my recent ankle injury and all of the stress and tasks involved in moving, yoga has really fallen out of my routine. I find that it makes me feel strong, in shape and it helps calm my mind (which is difficult for someone who is always going, always planning, scheming etc).  I need to find a studio in Atlanta with a good schedule (I’m thinking afternoon classes so I can do work in the morning and be out of the house when the kids are around and playing with our sitter) and a nice vibe and that’s isn’t particularly far from our house. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

In the past I’ve had business goals and personal goals combined but I feel as though this year they are very much intertwined.  I really want to build out the design side of my business more, so I have a few goals related to that.

Complete and photograph Phase I of our house renovation so I can pitch it to press.

Get one larger residential design project (maybe locally in ATL?) that is a good addition to my portfolio

Land one licensing deal (perhaps plumbing, lighting or even textiles?). I know people urge me to start at the high end of the spectrum here but I would be perfectly happy with a more mass market brand like CB2.

On the hardware side I’m aiming for stable growth. There were a lot of growing pains in 2018, moving into an actual office, implementing new systems, releasing a plethora of new designs, exhibiting at a trade show, and trying to keep up with manufacturing and quality control.  This year I’d like to really focus on stable growth, planning a few releases and honing in on customer service – building relationships with our existing customer and showroom base and really nailing down our systems for managing the business.

Do you have any personal or business goals for 2019?