While wandering around Dalian I came across the food court at the Qingniwaqiao Shopping Mall.  The following sign made me cry out with glee!

It says Sichuan Mala Tang Mian (which means Sichuan Numb Spicy Noodle Soup)

Now, if you had been following my blog previously you know that Noodle Soup is quite possibly my favorite food – especially spicy noodle soup.  The Sichuan region of China is known for their spicy foods and especially for their Huajiao pepper corns which unlike our black pepper is spicy like a jalapeno but also has a distinct numbing effect as well.  Sounds odd, but tastes oh so good.

The noodles and cold dish that I ordered.  The food court was clean and modern and my meal cost about $12 RMB which is less thant $2 USD!