Tree trimming and spraying to cure diseased live oaks … kaching

Terminix to get rid of newly hatched baby spiders infesting our bathroom …. kaching

Sofa reupholstery (let’s just say the sofa got a little scabby) …. kaching

Shades for living room because light is starting to fade new rug etc …. kaching

Ah yes, homeownership is a joy.  I’m really hoping I have a bountiful crop of cucumbers and squash to offset all these costs.  In the meantime, I bought the below Etagere for $50 on craigslist and it has now taken the place of the bar in the living room. Quite fetching don’tcha think.  I was thinking about painting it a color but I’m liking the contrast of the dark wood so I might keep it as it is for now.  Recommendations are always welcome.  Future plan includes orange lacquered table and some sort of white upholstered chairs.  Now that would be fun, but alas must come after all the other more glamorous joys of homeownership like the above.