Well, some of you might be wondering what I am up to aside from all my DIY projects and selling a few pieces of hardware here and there. I’ve been working with a few residential clients as well and thought I’d share what I’ve been working on.  This is a home in Short Hills that I’m doing some work on.  We’ve completely redesigned the living room with a serene sophisticated feel.  It’s not done yet but I wanted to show you the progress.  Here are some before photos.

And our final concept board.

And where we are so far – of course missing a few key pieces of furniture.

Isn’t it amazing how much taller the draperies make the ceiling look in the photos below which show the space slightly further along?  The greek key trim from Lewis and Sheron really dresses up the simple linen drapes from Gray Line Linen (best linen source ever!).

I think it’s a dramatic improvement and can’t wait to see the final product!