Hi all. I’ve been on Pinterest for a while but haven’t really actively been sharing with you all of my great finds on pinterest and fun things I’ve pinned from other websites. You can certainly follow me on pinterest to see all of my boards, but for those of you who are just not into yet another form of social media, I thought I’d give you a peek every once in a while into what I’ve been pinning.  Today I’m sharing a bunch of fun patterns that I’ve discovered.

Clockwise from top Left:  Pierre Frey Kubus Fabric (i’ve been hoarding away a memo of this fabric forever – one day I will use it on a project).  Abstract bird on a wire From Fiberfool. Love these Breeze Block photos by SW Walsh. Luli Sanchez dots. A graphic gold, black and white by Vavara Stepanova.  And from Linconl Taft’s Art Board