Last week I was over at Postmodyrn talking about how to revamp your closet for the new year.  I’m definitely in wardrobe revitalization mode right now and I wish I had a bigger closet that I could really sink my teeth into organizationally – I feel like mine is so hopeless. That said, I have all kinds of ideas on how to revamp your closet.  Here is my post from last week:

Well here we are a month into the new year. Now that we’ve put away the holiday decorations and re-upped our gym memberships, most of us are finally getting our butts in gear to clean out those closets.  Last week, Jill gave us some great tips on how to declutter and rethink our wardrobes for 2015, and what better way to celebrate a newly clean closet than to make it into a space that truly showcases your clothes and accessories — and has a sense of style all its own?  Even if you don’t have a walk-in closet, a corner dressing area, IKEA wardrobe or commandeered attic space can be turned into a fun dressing area and storage space with just a few tricks of the trade.  Here are my favorites:

Add some punch with wallpaper.  Whether it’s an actual dressing room or just the back of some shoe shelves, wallpaper gives a space drama and a dose of fun.  Nowadays there are tons of fun contact papers and wallpaper tiles you can use if you live in a rental. The closet to the left is small but it really has personality.  I love the Hygge & West wallpaper tile: easy to install and really packs a punch.

Warm up your floor.  Every closet, dressing area, or bedroom needs a rug.  When you’re trying on clothes or getting dressed you want something soft underfoot to keep those tootsies warm.  Your closet is a perfect place for a little shag (unlike your entryway, your closet tends to be more free of dust and dirt). And why not opt for something with a little color and pattern? This one from Urban Outfitters doesn’t break the bank (since it’s better to splurge on other areas of the home) but has a great look and feel.

Maximize your wall and door space with hooks.  Hooks on walls where you don’t have a closet rod, or on the backs and fronts of closet doors, are a great way to maximize storage.  They work so well for scarves and hats, or for outfits you might be setting out for the next day (if only I planned my wardrobe choices that far ahead). And smaller hooks are great for necklaces and belts.  Don’t stop at the hardware store for this one: there are so many fun options out there. These leather covered ones from Anthropologie are a favorite, but check out House of Antique Hardware and West Elm for more great options.

Consider jewelry storage. Jewelry doesn’t always have to be stored away in a box.  It’s so pretty; why not use it as a decor item and keep it out in the open? I love this jewelry hanger DIY for an empty wall or above a dresser. Put some pretty bowls on a tabletop to good use holding rings and earrings.  And I love the idea of using branches as a way to display hanging jewelry as well.

Give your hangers a dose of fun.  I love this DIY of wrapped hangers.  It’s easy, inexpensive and functional. It not only breathes new life into those wire hangers from the dry cleaner but it also makes them slip-proof. 

Step it up with a storage ladder.  Ladders are such versatile decor pieces – they are a little secret that us designers have in our back pockets.  This one has great dipped legs and a simple silhouette.  Ladders are great for hanging towels and scarves and even in a bedroom for items like jeans that might warrant a second wear before they hit the hamper.  And speaking of hampers…

Up your game with a stylish hamper. Get rid of that old nylon college laundry bag or the ugly plastic laundry basket.  If you keep your hamper out in the open or even if you don’t, there is no reason not to select something that is both stylish and hardworking.  I love this foldable hamper from West elm: the lines are clean and the awning stripe really pops.

Add some seating.  It’s always nice to have a little stool in a corner of a bedroom or closet. Let’s admit it, stools provide a great place to throw a sweater when you can’t quite be bothered to put it away (better than your bed or, egads!, the floor). And they are a great place to sit and put on your shoes.  And if you really need extra storage, a storage ottoman is a nice way to bring that in as well.  (Don’t do a pouf though. Poufs tend to be too low and loungy for closet and dressing room spaces.)

Check yourself out in the mirror. Every closet needs a nice mirror. A door mirror works great, of course, but if you have space for a wall or leaning floor mirror, even better. Invest in a full-length mirror so you can really asses your outfit and footwear choices.  Choose one with a decorative frame that works with your decor.

Well ladies, now that your closet is made over, what else do you have planned for 2015?

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