Even before this all began, I had pipe dreams of how my ideal day would look. Shuttling the kids to school, heading to a yoga class, getting some work done – flitting around Atlanta for my design practice and ending the day with a refreshment on the patio. I am strange in that most of my pipe dreams are fairly based in reality. I’m not dreaming about owning a yacht and partying with P Diddy in St. Tropez (yup, I think I just dated myself and the hard stop to my knowledge of pop culture). Some folks would say, aim higher with your dreams. I say, because my pipe dreams are pretty concrete, it’s easier for me achieve them and then move on to the next.

But I digress. What does this have to do with yogawear you say? Well, in said pipe dream, I wear some super cute yoga outfit that transitions into my work-from-home and shuttle around the city outfit later in the day. Obviously, in this alternate reality I’m so busy I don’t have time to shower. But not so busy that I don’t have time to get eyelash extensions and my brows done so I look nice and perky without makeup. And of course I always smell like roses so the deodorant situation from yoga to day is not an issue.

Well, I’ve been coveting and pinning yoga wear to my wishlist pinterest board for a while. And since now we are in the era of quarantine, it does actually seem viable to wear yogawear ALL DAY (granted there is also zero need to look cute except to satisfy myself and feel sane). So here are my top picks for quarantine all-day yogawear.

I would also like to caveat this by saying I have worn yoga wear all day many a time and the thing that gets me is the sports bra digging into my neck and shoulders and ultimately giving me a headache. So I did order this one from Athleta and am super psyched to give it a whirl.

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