About our old place in Prospect Heights Brooklyn. 
BEFORE (you can understand why my parents were mortified when they saw this 600 sf coop):

I loved the use of stock gutter to cover the pipe in the corner….

And the beautiful mirrors – made for a nice surface for dry erase board pictionary at the house warming.

Not sure who that dude is.  But notice the amazing use of, purple shag, oak and tinted glass.

The kitchen was surely a cook’s delight.

And the bathrooom – you could hold onto the rings when the boat started to rock.

The best part of the bedroom was the multi-color vertical blinds – gold, cream, pink and lavendar!

In progress – new chandelier, grease screen/half wall down.  Floopy loving the floor covering.

Nothing like protective eyewear.

Voila! Fish eye lens makes everything look larger!

Mirror Magic!

Can you believe this is the same old bathroom tile?

Creative storage solutions for a super small space, also equals cat jungle gym.