Scott and I hit up the Rose Bowl this Sunday.  It’s great that we live so close by now that we can roll on over and head home for lunch. We bought some cool brass duck bookends and some other small brass animals – perhaps to keep or sell on Etsy – and some fun vintage mechanics posters.  We ran into Staci from 45 Three Modern Vintage, who had just run into Emily Henderson who was out looking for stuff for her new TV show.  I also heard via that Justina from Compai was out perusing the grounds.  It was truly a great day to be out.  Admittedly, one of the things I like about the Rose Bowl aside from the furniture and vintage clothing, is the people watching.  Really, all kinds of folks, but definitely, Hipsters galore.  The official uniform for the seasoned Rose Bowl veteran is to wear a combination of various items that you purchased from your previous trip to the Bowl, preferably combined with an ironic ‘stache for the men and vintage boots and aviators for the ladies.  I handed over the camera to Scott and here are a few of his shots from the day:

And of course, Floopy enjoying the weather.