Lekker home green counter stools

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of fun stools for the end of our kitchen island at the #hotlantamidmod.  Luckily for me there are lots of counter height stools out there on the market now.  However, I think a lot of people still get confused about what size stool to buy for a kitchen.  Here are a few guidelines:

A typical chair is about 18″ high and it sits at a table that is about 30″ high so usually the amount of space you have to tuck your legs under is somewhere around a foot or so (and tables and counters often have a 3-4″ apron hanging below).

So a typical kitchen counter is about 36″. Using that same math, a counter stool would be about 24-26″  If you buy a 30″ stool your legs will be squished under the counter (or won’t fit at all)

Similarly bar height is another 6″ taller at 42″.  So you want a 30″ stool here. If you got a counter height stool for an actual bar height counter you would be sitting with your chin on the counter. 

Size aside, I also like stools to be wipeable and lots of times I prefer backless so I can slide into the bar without moving the stool far out from the counter. Here are my faves right now. 

counter height bar stools roundup by Nest StudioFrom top to bottom L to R: Citizen Ghost Barstool from Finnish Design Shop :: Santistevan Counter Stool :: Bouchon Bar stool :: Avila Bar stool :: Ellis Bar stool :: Schoolhouse backed utility tool  :: Bay Counter Stool :: Dakota Adjustable stool :: Nahla White leather barstool

Source Image: Lekker Home