Bedside sconce, bedroom, master bedroomRecently I’ve spent a lot of time looking at bedside sconces for our master bedroom and also for the kids’ rooms. I really love a sconce at the bed. It offers directional lighting so one person can sleep while the other reads and it keeps our nightstand surface uncluttered which is key if you have a small nightstand.  Here are a few of my favorite bedside sconces right now (so many great affordable options).

bedside sconces

Clockwise from top left:  One Forty Three Swing Lamp :: Etsy Handmade Wooden Lamp Hook :: Ikea Nymane Wall Sconce :: Industry West Minaret Wall Sconce :: Urban Outfitters Chelsea Double Wall Sconce :: Amazon iYoee Wall Sconce

bedside sconces modern

CB2 Solo Wall Sconce :: Worksted Lodge Sconce :: Warmly Nordic Hanging Wall Lamp :: Simon Adjustable Sconce – Urban Outfitters :: Eyeball Sconce-Urban Outfitters 

Which are your favorites and which do you think I ought to use in our master?