Clockwise from Top Left: 5″ Pull On Shearling Clog Boot on Mid Heel in Brown Aviator from No. 6, Hippie Slip In from Swedish Hasbeens, Covered Low from Swedish Hasbeens, Suzie Spanish Toe from Bryr, Old School Clog on High Heel in Palomino from No. 6, and Sofie Closed Toe Bootie with Kilt from Bryr

My team clearly knows me well because, as the local clog expert, they pegged me to be the writer of the official Atelier Davis clog blog. So here I am. Clogs aren’t something new. However, gone are the days where wearing clogs meant you were in the medical or dental profession and your only options were Dansko. I feel like being in Atlanta “fashion clogs” are just now starting to be a thing – a trend – a movement – whatever you want to call it, whereas in New York and SF they have been a thing for a while. But I guess this is the way the fashion world works. I am totally that former New Yorker who stalks other women in Atlanta that wear clogs and ask them what brand they are. So here is a roundup of some of my favorite clog sources. I’ll start from most to least expensive:

No. 6 Clogs are a cult fave. Julianne Moore maybe started this cult – not sure. But Brooklyn Mamas took No 6 clogs to a whole new level pairing them with skinny jeans and Salt Straps. The NY Times even wrote an article about the new mom uniform of Park Slope. Starting at around $300 a pair, No. 6 clogs are a hefty investment but worth every penny – especially their shearling lined boots. I think I wore mine almost every winter day for 5 years straight.

Bryr Studio Clogs are another one that have a high price tag, cult following, and something I would definitely consider as an investment. They are hand made in San Francisco and are all made to order (although I think they now have a retail store front and sell extras out of their store which is pretty rad). I love Bryr for summer clogs and clogs with interesting details and straps.

Next up is Swedish Hasbeens. This is one of the original clog companies. They’re a bit less fashion forward but still super fun and functional and a little less pricey than Bryr and No 6. I love Swedish Hasbeens for a classic clog or something in a fun color like red or yellow. There are literally thousands of heel height, color and style combinations.

My new favorite place to look for clogs (and greek sandals) is on Etsy. There are a bunch of sellers and the price points are so reasonable (as I write this I’m looking them up and thinking about buying more!). I will say that sometimes the fit is a bit harder to judge. The one pair I have from Etsy seem to be a bit large and wide. But here are a few shops with great ratings and a nice range of styles: Lotta from Stockholm, Leatherworld Designs (Poland), Sandgrens (Sweden).

And finally Clogs are starting to become so main stream that some of our more “normal” retailers are carrying them. Everlane has a nice woven clog I like. Madewell has carried a few different clogs for a few years now. And dare I say it, but you can even find clogs at Target!

I guess that begs the question, what’s next? I’m hoping clogs stick around for a while as I have a hefty sum of money invested in them. But if I were to take a guess I’m thinking it will be oxfords. Stay tuned for that post in a few years after I have my collection up and running.

Clockwise from Top Left: Swedish Boho Clogs from LEATHERWORLDdesigns, The Clog in Tan Woven from Everlane, Silver Clogs from LottaFromStockholm, Leather Clogs from Sandgrens, The Ruby Clog in Dotted Calf Hair from Madewell, and Women’s Marcia Heeled Clog Pumps from Target