Atelier de Troupe Interior - Elle Decor Sweden

Is it just me or have you been noticing a lot of tubular furniture lately – whether it’s something that has a tubular metal frame or something that is upholstered sort of like a pool noodle, or even channel tufting – I am seeing cylindrical shapes everywhere. This week’s roundup features some of my favorite tubular seating furniture that will add a bit of funk, flare, and retro vibes to that room you’ve been having difficulty with by making it pop! With round edges, clean lines, and simple designs, these pieces are sure to make a statement. A couple of these pieces may seem unconventional, but they are sure to add that ‘wow’ factor to any room, whether it be a dining room, living room, or even a game room. And don’t be thrown off by their looks alone. They may seem a bit bold to some, but tubular pieces can fit in to a wide variety of styles, from boho, to eclectic, to mid-century, and even minimal modern. 



Horizontally from left to right: Buzz Chair x Fedor Katcuba :: Bold Bench x Big Game Design :: Bold Chair x Big Game Design :: Lounge Chair x Michael Taylor :: Lounge Chair (1982) x Shiro Kuramata :: Bibendum x Eileen Gray

Concept Image via Sight Unseen