With the addition of a diaper bag to the various items I now have to tote around (never mind the fact that I am toting around the actual baby who now weighs in at over 10 pounds!), it seems like a good time to downsize my purse.  While I will always love my Gucci Horse Bit Hobo that I got for a steal, I think it weighs a good 5 lbs with nothing in it.  Time to get a lightweight bag that won’t fall off the shoulder every time I lean down to pick Bryan up.  I’ve been really into the cross body saddle bag for a while, especially for travel, and am excited to see that there are a slew of them to be had this season. Here are a few of my favorites:

a J Crew Rigby Saddle Bag
Banana Republic Yellow Quilted Cross Body Bag
c Lands End Canvas Long Strap Messanger
Asos Leather and Suede Croc Embossed Across Body Bag
e Asos Leather Metal Cube Bag 
H&M Cream Shoulder Bag
g Asos Green Leather Saddlebag