Recently I was introduced to Conor Gaffney’s line of dinner table carafes Spoken Glass.  In his Venice, CA studio, Conor laser engraves reusable glass carafes with sayings and custom designs.  He started the company in 2006 seeking to support people in giving up plastic, especially when it comes to water bottles.

Most people know that plastic can be recycled, and perhaps they don’t feel so bad about drinking out of a plastic bottle when they throw it into a recycling bin.  But recycling requires energy and plastic bottles can only be downcycled – in other words they can’t be made into more plastic bottles.  Because they are contaminated materials they can only be made into other items such as carpet fiber.  Glass bottles can be recycled into more glass bottles.  But these ones you won’t want to recycle.  They have swing-top stoppers and give your dinner table a classic bistro look.

Conor has been kind enough to do a giveaway with the Eagle’s Nest.  Just comment below let us know which item you like from his Affirmation line (entrants must follow the Eagle’s Nest).  The winner will be announced on Satudray morning, March 26.